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$1.50 | 3 Day Petition

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Petition to the Win in Court Altar to bring about the circumstances you want in legal matters, make court cases go smooth, promote favor in legal affairs, and help to attract business and financial success in court situations

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Win in Court ALtar and LEgal implications on black magic removal worldwide

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The Win in Court Altar is $1.50 for 3 day distant healing.

The Win in Court Altar meant to help aid you in situations in life regarding court or legal matters. If you have a court case that has been ongoing or something you want resolved quick and painless, make your intention to the Win in Court Altar. This is a powerful altar meant to clear your path right now so you can make the proper choices going forward in life. Petition the Win in Court Altar for new beginnings and to reveal solutions regarding tough trials.

Use responsibly.

Click ADD TO CART to pay for your petition. Once paid, complete the form to submit your petition to the Win in Court Altar. The petition will not be considered until payment is given. Thank you for understanding.

Email if you have any questions.

Thanks and Many Blessings! Master will be in contact with you depending on your situation. Back to the Online Healing Grounds Altar Page.


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