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Are you going through traumatic experiences in your life? Has your heart been broken and torn apart over and over again? Do you feel pain in your heart and soul and wish for this to subside? Have you been traumatized into thinking you can never love again? Do you wish to embark further on the path of self discovery and self love?

Master approves ‘Love Haiku’ to aid in the opening of your heart chakra

Love Haiku by Olivia Tatara

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Master recommends this collection of healing haiku to anyone who has struggled with self love and discovery in the past or is currently going through hard times in relationship. This book is infused with heart healing energies that will transmit directly to you upon reading the poems and looking at the images. ‘Love Haiku’ is a special book of poems. These poems are accompanied with spiritual images that are meant to expand on the meaning of poem in a symbiosis of left side and right side of the brain working. This book of photo haiku can be read over and over again to automate the heart energy from the author’s heart to yours. This book is incredibly spiritual and provides a unique healing aspect that will help you welcome the love into your life and express yourself. Open your heart and experience the universal art of haiku. Details below.


A Collection of photo Haiku on Love and self-discovery

A word from the author of ‘Love Haiku’:

From my studies of meditation, martial arts, and various levels of schooling, I have realized that in the beginning, everyone was trying to explain what I needed in life. They led me down paths of darkness and conformity and I didn’t know better but to feel what they were feeling and experience as they did. This was the depths of depression, anxiety, instability, heartache, and lust. Once my heart opened, I learned to do everything for myself and my life unfolded without thinking or planning. My world became the most beautiful place with experiences flowing into my life with great opportunity and joy. I discovered a great love of haiku and my own unique style of expression through my paintings and digital art. View my first published collection of Haiku, ‘Love Haiku’. Read more here.

Love Haiku Book Cover Design by Olivia Tatara Products

Love Haiku

By Olivia Tatara

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The art of haiku allows the reader and composer to be fully in the moment when experiencing the beauty and simplicity life has to offer. Take a journey into the deepest part of your heart and transform the way you view yourself.
I have compiled various photo haiku in this book Love Haiku’ to allow the energy to flow from your heart to mine. This book is meant to be read over and over again to encourage proper transmutation of pure heart energy to your soul. The art accompanied by the haiku act as a visual representation of the feelings and words described in this book. Allow my haiku to speak to you in whatever way will change your life for the better. Whatever speaks to you, may you receive the blessing.
Sit back, relax, and allow me to take you on a soul journey.
“Come, join me on a
journey of light and love to
bring you back to you.”
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