Plant Based Frequency Healing Audio

An Introduction to Plant Based Frequencies and their Self Healing Capabilities

Mushroom Plant Based Frequencies Black Magic Removal Worldwide Plant Based Frequency Healing Audio

We have discovered a new way to induce plant based frequencies inside the human body without the use of drugs, psychedelics or spiritual journey rituals. What we are doing is giving everybody a part of a natural frequency to explore and help their own minds evolve. This audio will unlock hidden channels within your own energy and mind. Plant bases are very intense and can heal forms of depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other intense body and mental illnesses. In no way are we promoting the use of drugs, but we understand that forms of mushrooms, DMT, and ayahuasca carry certain divine vibrations that can enhance your intuitive abilities and self-healing processes within the body. We use this vibration combined with that of the Sun to enhance energy flow to the correct portions of your body and brain, so you can naturally heal from the inside out.

The power of psychedelic plants for expanding perception has been studied for centuries by scientists and masterminds alike. This can be associated with feeling superhuman, experiencing majestic surroundings, and opening the third eye. Studies show that there is medicinal value in classic psychedelics when taken in plausible doses. There is no craving in experiencing these frequencies and it is not addictive. In fact, many psychedelic healing plants are used as supplements to quit highly addictive substances like opiates and alcohol addictions. This frequency is one to activate the brain to make your mind more creative and open to new ways of thinking about the world and yourself. This special frequency audio works to help to break the negative thoughts and habitual patterns often associated with depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) other types of mental illness.

We do not own this video but we understand that this is a great overview on the healing properties of psychedelic faculties. Please watch and understand the information and how our Plant Based Frequency Healing Audio can help you in your health and self healing ventures.

The Plant Based Frequency Healing Audio is a miracle from Mother Nature, a tool to be utilized over long periods of time to ultimately change your brain chemistry and help you manifest your desires and heal from your life. This audio is meant to help and heal the sick (in body and mind) from the harmful frequencies we always experience and are surrounded by and those of which we have accumulated. If someone is very sick or has severe mental illness, we are not saying we will heal you in any way, but this audio will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, so you can stimulate your body’s own natural healing ability.

This audio is meant to help everyone, as all human beings can deepen their perceptions and expand brain function through these frequencies. We are in no way condoning use of psychedelic drugs nor saying we use them or sell them. We are not doctors or psychologists, but we do understand the way of the mind, body, and spirit, and work to bring all aspects of yourself to a state of homeostasis. We are just here to bring a message of natural health and wellness to whoever is ready to experience a complete mind shift. Various psychedelic plants have healing frequencies and we are able use it to help masses as it was given to us by the Source.

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For the Plant Based Frequency Healing Audio, you must be in a relaxed place with no interruptions. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery when listening to this audio.





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