Meditation Retreats in Puerto Rico

Do you feel like your life is wrong? Do you need balance? Are things always going out of sorts? Do you always run into misfortune and heartache? Have you had enough and are ready to make a change? Master is now offering an intense 4 day mediation retreat in Puerto Rico to help align you to the Source so your life can be exactly what you want it to be.

This retreat will take place on the island of Puerto Rico in various natural locations. All the work will be done outdoors and in nature to transmute any unwanted vibrations into the earth to ground and clear you. Master does not do these session indoors as all people need to experience nature in this way for their body to absorb the healing and energy presented. Once Puerto Rico recoups from this Hurricane season, Master will be taking groups of people for intense 3-5 hour days of meditation, movement, spiritual practice, and individual practice.

Note: Not everyone who contacts Master about these retreats will need to come to Puerto Rico for spiritual healing. Some energy work can be performed over the phone or over Skype with Master. Please call Master at (787) 963-1402 for more details.

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Meditation Retreats in Puerto Rico with Master at Black Magic Removal Worldwide

4 Day Meditation Retreat in Puerto Rico

Description: 4-6 days in the natural environment in Puerto Rico where Master will personally work with your spirit. He will teach meditation, movement, and other spiritual and energy practices. Each day will be a minimum of 3-5 hours of practice with Master. There will be a few individual sessions as well.

Price: Minimum amount of $1599.00 Per Person

Please email if you are interested in this offer. Master will work with you to schedule a retreat and date when you will be able to make this journey.

Please note that not everyone will be asked to travel to Puerto Rico for this retreat. When you email Master, please include:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Reason why you would like to go on this retreat/ Explanation on what is going on
  • Pictures of yourself (face and full body) for an energy assessment

Master will email you back and let you know if you should go on this retreat. Upon your submission, you will either be emailed a red O or a black X. If you receive a red O, you will need to come and see Master in person in Puerto Rico in the near future to cleanse your spirit. If you receive a black X, Master will discuss possible alternatives over the phone or over Skype. Master will not turn anyone away if you are true to your journey and wish to better your Spirit.

Serious inquiries only. Master will be happy to discuss his Meditation Retreats in Puerto Rico in more detail upon receiving your email. Thank you and many blessings.

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