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We provide various types of Mantra Services to help and aid people in their lives. These mantra sets will be performed on behalf of the individual and what they are going through to calm the energy and bring a sense of balance and peace to the life.  Tell us what you are going through and Master will specifically work a Mantra over you. These sets work for people who are going through tough times in their life in sickness, family, relationships, and career.

This will be an overall healing for the person over the phone so that they can discuss and explain what has been happening. A phone appointment will be scheduled and you will be given guidance, aid, and support through the work. Our mantra services are $0.25/bead for Mala sets of 108 beads. We offer different intensity of sets depending what you are going through.


Our Matra Services is a method of energy balancing, but is not meant as an immediate substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. Master does not diagnose conditions, nor perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. All session and appointment are meant to complement medical treatments to reduce dependence of medication and chemical treatments. We work to bring you back into balance with Source


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We offer many Mantra Services to aid you in your life.


We also offer Mala Set with Spiritual Readings. You will receive your very own personalized Mala bead set, handmade, and shipped to your location. This also comes with a one on one spiritual reading with Master to aid you in your life situations and growth. Learn more here.

1 Round of 108 beads

Price: $27.00

One round of 108 beads are said over you in mantra for overall abundance, prosperity, good health, and happiness. This set gives you a general understanding of how our mantra recitation can effect your life.


5 Rounds of 108 Beads

Price: $135.00

If someone is going through certain things like relationship issues, sickness, family uneasiness, and health concerns, 5 rounds of 108 beads will be performed over you in mantra to bring about a smooth transition in times of uncertainty. This set is a good choice if you gradually want to work up to a full set of 10 Rounds of Mantra.



10 Rounds of 108 Beads

Price: $270.00

For serious emotional, health, financial, and relationship situation, a full 10 sets of 108 Mala beads will be said over to bring about clarity and peace in times of uncertainty and life intensity. You will be advised to contact us first and tell us about your situation if you want the most out of your Mantra Session.

Right now we are only offering phone conferences with Master through direct payment. If you would like a Skype session with Master for your work for a deeper intention, please email with your inquiry and intention.Right now we are only offering phone conferences with Master through direct payment. If you would like a Skype session with Master for your work for deeper intention, please email with your inquiry and intention. He will get back to you within 48 hours.Use this form to contact Master Directly:


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