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Thank you very much for visiting our FREE online prayer request page.

We would like to help and assist you through yourself of identifying your dis-ease in your body and life. We are here to provide you the best insight on your life no matter what your situation. Tell us what is going on and Master will perform distant healing to aid you.

We want you to reach a state of homeostasis if possible. Understand that peace always resides inside of you. The world God itself has changed people lives and has also terminally hurt people because they cannot understand the meaning. The word God had also created wars and societal upheaval. Whatever the word God means to you, we ask you to surrender beyond the word God and the name of God itself. Go to directly to the source of God without a name. God is just a word.

Allow us to pray for you without a specific religion. We will affirmate in your life to bring positive and fulfilling change. Thank you very much again and may you be blessed as you are a beautiful person. Allow yourself to receive in light and love. Many Blessings to all!

We believe in the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is universal and can be used in all forms to dispel and alleviate any blockages, black magic, or darkness you feel may be upon you or upon someone you love. Submit a free prayer to Master for yourself and a loved one.




Please tell Master your situation if you are looking for some guidance. If you receive an email back from Master with a red circle, then you need to contact Master for a spiritual reading and clearing. For serious inquiries, please email Please provide a valid phone number (10 Digits) and an image of yourself so Master can run the energy. Master will contact you directly for serious inquiries or if you have any questions. 

If you are going through anything serious, please do not hesitate to contact Master about your situation. We turn no one away as long as you are willing to change.



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