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When someone says Black Magic a lot of things run through someone’s mind. Many people have a misconception of black magic because of movies and books. Master does not put down anyone’s practice. Master is not  looking for a war of beliefs. Master helps to identify the frequency of what someone is feeling.  We are not saying we are doing bad because we wish no harm upon anyone else. Master aids to allow the frequency in which someone is feeling to pass.

When Master looks at energy, his teaching  lets people understand that energy is neither good nor bad. It Is energy and it is from the Source. Depending upon someone’s practice, ritual and religion, there are all different identifications as what someone would label Black Magic. There are all different aspects of what people conceive as Black Magic.

Master is not here to contradict anyone’s belief.His teachings are a system of what someone would call Universal Source if one were to break it down.

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‘Is Black Magic real’ is the question. Black Magic can be all different fragments of your own emotion, phobias and fears. It can be attachments towards arguments, different relationships, families and ancestral lines, but ultimately Black Magic is just a name.

Please do not ask Master to keep a loved one hostage because you want to be in a relationship with that person. This is not what he does. Master can evaluate the relationship and different things to see where frequencies could possibly be changed. Master does not put spells on someone for keeping relationships. This is the biggest practice in Black Magic. Master can aid toward bringing peace but this depends upon both parties, their energy and frequency, how truthful they are and if there is room to mend and forgive.


Are you constantly running into bad luck?  Do you feel like there is a curse on you? Is everything in your life just going downhill? are your emotions out of control?


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Black Magic Removal Phone Lines are open 24/7 Just call: (787)963-1402 If you are going through anything that is paranormal,…
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Black Magic Removal Hotline

Black Magic Removal Phone Lines are open 24/7 Just call: (787)963-1402 If you are going through anything that is paranormal,…
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