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All is one.

Senb Wabau Akh Ancient Infusion brings forth healing from Ancient Doctors and Healers of Egyptian decent to further amplify soul infusion with pure Source essence.

This ancient healing has been given to Master by Spirit, the Ascended Master Teachers, and by the Ancient Egyptian Doctors and Healers to rid the curses, black magic, and the spirits of disease that has been placed upon a individual and their ancestral line. This ancient understanding of healing is very rare and can aid you all aspects of your life by completely eliminating harmful influences from your mind, body, and spirit. 

Ancient Egyptian Healing and Energy Medicine Black Magic Removal Worldwid

Ancient Egyptian Healing and Energy Medicine

Senb Wabau Akh Ancient Egyptian Healing

Senb – (Healing)

Wabau –  (Doctor/Healer)

Akh – (Soul- understanding the blessed dead and ancestors)

 The combination of all three of these ancient words works the healing and honors all doctors and healers of Egyptian time to bring forth total soul infusion within and around the individual.

Master performs Senb Wabau Akh Ancient Infusion on the soul of the individual. This is a type of Ancient Egyptian Healing that was taught as a form of spiritual practice in the times of the Egyptian Gods and Goddess. Senb Wabau Akh Ancient Infusion works to harmonize and balance all aspects of the human being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, therefore supporting the bodies’ own natural healing processes. In this session, the individual is viewed as a whole energetic system that in which can be stabilized so they can be in alignment with the true ancient order of their personal Master Teachers and Ancestors. The meaning of Senb (Healing) Wabau (Doctor/Healer) Akh (Soul- understanding the blessed dead and ancestors) directly relates to the Universal Law of divine soul infusion, DNA reconstruction, and Egyptian Healing which is all driven by the concept of universal love. Master also incorporates Ankh Wedja Seneb energy which can be expressed in modern terms as the human being living life with frequency alignment of pure life, prosperity and health in every physical and spiritual aspect. The verbs staited form can be expressed as to be alive strong and healthy. This is an individual’s soul infusion process which will realign your energy to that of the your highest self and the Ascended Masters..

This Egyptian approach of spirituality provides Master with a unique form of healing that was practiced by ancient priests, healers, and doctors.

Senb Wadau Ancient Soul Infusion Ancient Egyptian Healing

Senb Wabau Akh Ancient Soul Infusion

Through these sessions, you become more aware of the negative influences around you and how to establish your own forms of protection by the ancient teachings of your Ancestors and guides.

These sessions are experiential and will be different for each person depending on what is going on and what is needed to mend the Spirit. The sessions are split into three levels and after the healing sessions, you will also be able to incorporate your newfound consciousness and awareness into your life, business, family, and relationships with miraculous results.

Have you been experiencing unexplainable things in your life? Do yo have pressing health issues, family health issues, dark family magic history, or is someone wishing you bad?  It may be a necessity that you get this ancient distant healing so you can be walked through what is needed to clear yourself and your space from those negative influence and patterns.

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Basic Session: $185

This session is meant for the individual seeking further guidance on their spiritual path. This will help ease you into a higher conscious and stabilize the emotions and relationships with the seen and unseen realms. If you are experiencing a so so life and realize you want to gain further insight on your correct path, as well as let go of the negative energies around you, the Basic Session will fit your spiritual needs.

Add-on: $100/family member

Intermediate Session: $250

If you have been experiencing people wishing you harm and things not going your way in life, you may need to get this ancestral cleansing to see what is affecting you in such a way. This session consists of a discording and removal of hooks, clamps, chains, and latches put upon your spirit and ancestral line. Advanced sessions are recommended for group sessions when incorporating your direct family in your practice.

Add-on: $250/family member

Advanced Session: $395

If you are suffering from constant fighting in relationships, death around you, family death, constant injury, or even sudden unexpected illness, you are in dire need of this advanced energy session. If any of your family members have been targeted with black magic in the past or you expect there to be dark forces working directly against you, this degree of session will remove and delete those negative frequencies from your life. This is a very serious and intense practice. Contact Master at for questions.

Add-on: $250/family member

Family Packages: Prices Vary

If you feel that your whole family needs to be incorporated in this healing process, an advanced session is the most basic session that should be performed. Family member add-on prices will vary depending what is discussed during a consultation with Master. Upon discussion of what is needed, Master will design a specific package to aid in the connection and revitalization of the understanding within your family line.

Note: All sessions are performed distantly, over the phone or through Skype session. Contact Master for more information. Healings are nonrefundable. All sales are final. This type of healing practice is only available in sessions and is not being taught at this point in time.

Black Magic Removal Worldwide ancient egyptian healing Ancient Egyptian Healing

People are from different religions but we aid all towards one Source. There are many different traditional practices like chants and prayers. Ours is towards the sacred essence. Master acts accordingly depending upon what is revealed to him from your Master Teachers and Ancestors.

For direct contact and questions, use the information below or fill out the form to contact Master:

Skype: serviceprwebsolutions

Just add Master on Skype and ask your questions about this ancient healing

Phone: (787) 963-1402

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