Energy Healing in Puerto Rico

Energy Healing in Puerto Rico

Looking for Phenomenal Spiritual and Energy Healing and/or Reading while in Puerto Rico? If you live in Puerto Rico or are visiting on vacation, you don’t want to pass up this opportunity to bring more love, money, abundance, and luck into your life. Your life will change from one visit to our healing grounds.

We offer Energy Healing to all people in Puerto Rico:

Basic Sessions are $65

Advanced Sessions begin at $125

Puerto Rico Internal Healing Arts Training SEssions Moxibustion ™ and Palo Santo Healing Sessions Energia Moxie Moxie (Moxibustion) Energy Healing in Puerto Rico


Whether you are in San Juan or any other area of the beautiful island known as Puerto Rico, here is an opportunity to receive what could be the turning point of your life thus far. Contact us for an in person session that to go deep into your mind, body and spirit and will change your outlook on life.

We teach an overall practice of energy balancing and energy protection. We offer indevidual classes for energy, yoga, marital arts, and other internal healing and alternative healing techniques. People from all walks of life can benefit from a spiritual reading and energy healing.

The concept of spiritual protection includes various methods and different areas. It can mean black magic removal or black magic protection. It can be protection from evil spirits or evil spirits repelling. There is also oneness from Source. Master’s teachings and techniques look at energy, helping people understand that energy is neither good nor bad. We are about helping you clear from what has been causing you pain and trauma in life and eliminating it so you can fully live your life.


Moxibustion ™ and Palo Santo Healing Sessions Energia Moxie Moxie (Moxibustion) Energy Healing in Puerto Rico

Moxibustion ™ and Palo Santo Healing Sessions

Energia Moxie Moxie (Moxibustion) enhances wellness to aid towards the state of homeostasis bringing forth a wholeness towards a person through Mind, Body, and Spirit. Palo Santo works to clear the space and surroundings of stagnant energy. This allows the body and energy to work in harmony and flow into your life.

Our system can help aid towards energy balancing, wellness, releasing past traumas, and balancing of Yang energy. This energy healing system, is for anyone going through any type of body pain, injury, recovery, chronic disease and other discomfort in the body.


Energia Moxi Moxie and Palo Santo Treatments can aid towards every part of your life to bring your mind, body, and spirit into a state of Homeostasis.

System aids towards:
Back pain
Joint Issues
Sports injuries
Neck issues
Carpal tunnel
Past traumas
& Much More…

Body Smoking sessions start at $25.


Use the form below to contact us about energy healing or spiritual healing. We are located in Carolina