Black Magic Removal Worldwide Sessions for $125

Sessions for $125

Master will aid to your higher spiritual enlightenment.

Are you constantly running into bad luck?  Do you feel like there is a curse on you? Is everything in your life just going downhill? are your emotions out of control?

John Panther Master Black Magic Removal Worldwide Spiritual Sessions

You probably need to talk to Master about your situation.

Every consultation is different as people are at different points in their life. If you are suffering from any bad things happening in your life such as anxiety, depression, illnesses, job loss, etc. Allow Master to help you find the correct direction on your path to relieve the suffering.

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Black Magic Removal Sessions Sessions for $125

Sessions for $125

Master offers basic sessions starting $125

This consists of a cutting and cording and seeing what is needed for the person to feel better inside themselves. Master works to evaluate, see the pattern, habits and fears of the person effected.

Master acts accordingly depending upon what is given to him and is revealed to him inside this reading – it is a glimpse into their Akashic records. Master will aid to your higher spiritual enlightenment.

Metaphysical Black Magic Removal Servicesa

Master uses his own designed and trademarked tarot deck.

With this new deck, he can measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding you and your life.

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