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Master will Aid in your Spiritual Transformation

Are you constantly running into bad luck?  Do you feel like there is a curse on you? Is everything in your life just going downhill? are your emotions out of control? You probably need to talk to Master about your situation.

Black Magic Removal

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Mala Sets and Readings

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Egyptian Soul Infusion

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Spiritual Readings

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Worldwide Spell Removal ✪ Break Black Magic ✪ Spiritual Uncrossing

Spiritual Protection, Black Magic Removal, Wellness Practices:

Master’s teachings aid towards all individuals from all walks of life.

The concept of spiritual protection includes various methods and different areas. It can mean black magic removal or black magic protection. It can be protection from evil spirits or evil spirits repelling. There is also oneness from Source. Master’s teachings and techniques look at energy, helping people understand that energy is neither good nor bad.

Services are not of a specific faith but rather neutral in nature, allowing you to use that faith that dwells within. They will aid towards any holistic or wellness practice in all ways.

Due to Master’s schedule and travels, in-person sessions must be made with prior arrangements and can not be cancelled once made.

Distant sessions are available via teleconference and Skype calls.


Black Magic Removal Services Black Magic Removal Worldwide Services


Several session offerings are available at this point in time upon Master’s availability:

  • Reversal Ceremony
  • Removal of Ancestral Curse
  • Hex or Jinx Issues
  • Petitioning to Spirit
  • Uncrossing
  • Restoration
  • Calling All Parts Back Back Whole
  • Egg Cleansing
  • Purification Ceremony
  • Black Magic Alchemy
  • NLP Sessions
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Healing Sessions
Black Magic Removal Sessions

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Black Magic Removal Worldwide Services Black Magic Removal Worldwide Services, Rid Black Magic, Uncrossing, Soul Restoration, Curse Removal, Purification


If any listed services have stood out for you, please email us with what interests you.

As services are personalized, so is the fee. Fees will be communicated personally upon inquiry.


Black Magic Removal Worldwide Services Black Magic Removal Worldwide Services


Are you a yoga studio? Martial Arts school? Holistic and wellness center?

Would you like to book Master for a seminar?

Black Magic Removal Worldwide Puerto Rico Worldwide Spell Removal ✪  Break Black Magic ✪ Spiritual Uncrossing

Master is Located in Puerto Rico

Every consultation is different as people are at different points in their life. If you are suffering from any bad things happening in your life such as anxiety, depression, illnesses, job loss, etc. Allow us to help you find the correct direction on your path to relieve the suffering.

Please provide a valid phone number so Master’s apprentice can contact you upon your inquiry. Because this information in sensitive, we do not discuss courses of action or energy evaluations through email. We will talk to you over the phone for the initial consultation and from there Master will determine what proper option will best fit your situation. Thank you for understanding.


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Break Black Magic

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